by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

It’s my mother’s fault.


The end.


Really. It is. My mother is the one who made animal analogies while we were growing up. Alternately comparing us to cocker spaniels, sheep, horses and clucking hens. Her favorite saying to my sisters and me — “You’re like Clydesdales, you’ve got good rumps on you!” Imagine our joy at this compliment in high school! But Mom called these phrases her “lovin’ words.” And she still compares her seven children, our spouses and 17 grandchildren to animals. So when I think of my sisters and me, the image of a hen house comes to mind.


And it’s Mom who’s been talking a lot lately about fulfilling dreams. She’s analyzing her own life and coming up with ways to make her deepest desires a reality. Daddy and she are reexamining their choices so that both of them are fulfilled. And this after 43 years of marriage! Of course, some of Mom’s dreams involve animal husbandry. Could’ve seen that one coming, right?!?


That’s their story, but mine is connected.


I love to write. Ever since I was a young girl, I’d find a lovely spot and record my thoughts, hopes and dreams. I have journals stretching back 30 years. Growing up, I’d write poems to make long car rides pass. Write fake news reports to make my friends laugh. Write romantic stories to thrill my sisters. My Daddy was forever saying, “Ruth, you’ve got to write a book.”

When I fell in love, I wrote hundreds of letters to the man I’d someday marry. (And he wrote amazing letters back!) In college, I studied journalism. I thought I’d work for a fabulous magazine or Oprah or write a book like my Daddy said. Instead, I worked for small non-profit associations writing and designing their monthly magazines. Then, babies started coming. So I wrote letters and designed birthday party invitations. And kept journaling. I didn’t write a book.

Fast forward to last year after the earthquake in Haiti. I needed a way to communicate with a lot of people at one time. My husband’s family has worked in Haiti for 30 years. So when he, his father and sister went to the island less than 2 weeks after the quake, I needed a way to keep everyone updated and engaged — so I created my first website.


That brought together all my skills and loves — writing, designing, photographing and connecting with people. About six months later, I stopped adding to the Haiti website, but a fire had been light in my soul. A dream was taking shape in my heart. And my mom was talking about paying attention to those deep-seated desires. They are God-given, she says.


My dream — create a beautiful place for women in the blogasphere. A place that is whimsical, funny and encouraging. A place where I can welcome you to my frizzled, but thriving world of kids, work and play. A place where my sisters and I can share stories about growing up and about life. A place where you are invited to join our sisterhood everyday.


That’s my dream, and it’s starting to come true…