by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

Remember what I said about my mom’s analogies? About how my sisters and I grew up being lovingly compared to various animals? Actually, Mom called our room — where four of us slept — the hen house.


Right as I was beginning to envision this blog, I asked my friend Heather to describe me in one phrase, she immediately said, “Frenetic Hen” — and everything clicked! I assumed she meant it lovingly, not mockingly, of course. And that launched us on the path to Frizzle Chicks! (It helped BTW that Heather is also the website’s designer and builder!)


For those of you who are not poultry experts, “frizzle” is a breed (or “mutation,” depending on who you ask) of chicken with feathers that curl up, stick out and frizz in all directions. A photo illustration may help…

Any questions?


Welcome to Frizzle — a place for chicks of all breeds!