50 Words

In late spring, words came to her again. The long silence broken not with a flood but a trickle. Throughout the winter, she had written many things just not the words of her heart. Those lay dormant. But she lived in sunny spaces, so the freeze was not too deep.
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New Year Advent

And so our Christmas Advent reading and waiting has drawn to a close . . . that is really a beginning. A starting place A new year Looking back on this late December, I am reflecting on the diversity of celebrations I attended: A funeral A wedding A baptism An anniversary All...
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Morning Walk

My skin is still cool from this morning’s breezy walk, and I feel refreshed in other ways too. Perhaps I’m more appreciative because it’s been several weeks since I got out on the trail behind my house. Today, I resumed the habit and was reminded of at least...
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A little faith

So, if He sweetly blankets dew on weeds, which are here today and gone tomorrow, how much more will He provide everything I need for this morning, this day, this life? Oh woman, a little faith. Bless the Lord. Trust you will be singing when the evening comes.
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Artful Garden

A garden’s beauty and serenity may seem like quiet ideals, but the work of cultivating them takes disquieting birth pains and messy perseverance. Such constant work both fulfills and showcases a garden’s twin purposes of delight and provision. Those who tend the...
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outdoors, playing outdoors, outside

Get Outdoors!

October is an almost universally perfect month to be outside. Here in my Central Florida home, the weather has shifted from the humidity and rain of summer to the breezy perfection of autumn. My kids and I plan to be outside as much as possible. In fact, these first few days of...
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in the garden of my friend

In the Garden of My Friend

A simple assignment. But, I was struggling with my attitude. I was driving to John’s house doing what I’d promised, but not with a whole heart. Instead, I was stressed out by all the other stuff I wasn’t doing at that moment. Homeschooling my kids. Finishing a...
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