Grâce Pour Quotidien

The daily activities that fill most of our time can seem unimportant. We often get aggravated doing them, which is strange because tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and sleeping are absolutely necessary for life and health. The rhythm of household tending simultaneously...
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florida fishing

Florida Fishing

One of the cool things about living in Central Florida is that we are equidistant from either coast. Wanna go to the beach? It’s an hour or so to the east or west. Lately, we’ve been taking full advantage of our geographical position to take fishing day trips....
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packing, moving, family

Packing My Sister

For the second time this year, I’m packing up a sister to move. In January, it was Sarah moving back to Portugal. Now, it’s Hannah moving out to Colorado. It’s hard. Not only because I don’t know when I’ll see each of them again, but also because by...
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books as friends, book friends, books to read

Book Friends

I view books as friends and pick them just as carefully. I don’t waste time with a ridiculous chatterbox or vulgar charlatan, which probably explains more about what I don’t read than it does about the books I choose. Sometimes I try to match a book’s setting...
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story keeping


My summer job is to write a year-long elementary curriculum based on children’s picture books. This spring, I handpicked 28 beautiful and engaging stories from every genre. Now, I’m writing the lesson plans that will guide parents on how to use the books to teach...
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Dog Days of Sadie

Sadie and I took a walk a little bit ago. We keep the same pace now – slow, thoughtful, careful to stay in the shade. She used to run circles around me. Able to chase dozens of tennis balls up and down the green hills of my husband’s family property. Able to swim out over and...
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frazzled mama's playlist

Frazzled Mama’s Playlist

I’m a bit frazzled. Big things are coming up soon, and I have A LOT to do. I’ll spare you the details because you already know how it feels. You’ve got your own stuff.  We’re women, if there’s anything we all understand it’s multitasking....
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