Artful Garden

A garden’s beauty and serenity may seem like quiet ideals, but the work of cultivating them takes disquieting birth pains and messy perseverance. Such constant work both fulfills and showcases a garden’s twin purposes of delight and provision. Those who tend the...
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Red Pineapple Boutique, St. Augustine, Florida

More Than Window Dressing

I always find the perfect something at the Red Pineapple Boutique in St. Augustine, Florida. Flirty dresses, fabulous hats, quirky jewelry, and sassy decor are why I love this boutique’s blend of whimsy and will. The Red Pineapple has an edgy femininity, which the shop...
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sentence starters, conversation starters

Summer Reflections

I snapped this photo last weekend during Daddy Rooster’s and my romantic weekend to Hammock Beach Resort. This Labor Day Monday, I’m relaxing and reflecting, so I decided to finish these sentence starters from a fabulous journal – And the Story Is Happening – I picked...
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books as friends, book friends, books to read

Book Friends

I view books as friends and pick them just as carefully. I don’t waste time with a ridiculous chatterbox or vulgar charlatan, which probably explains more about what I don’t read than it does about the books I choose. Sometimes I try to match a book’s setting...
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Shabby Chic Shine

One of my recent projects was transforming some beautiful toddler furniture we were given into a color pattern that fit my personal taste. The bird bed and bench dresser came with one stipulation – once our daughter grows out of it, we’re to pass the sturdy furniture along...
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Front Porch Living

Life is outside on my mother’s porch. I sit. Read and write. Children and wood bees buzz around. Light filters through a green canopy. Hours pass into days. Right here, on my mother’s front porch.
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DIY Texas Birthday Party

After moving to Texas and becoming familiar with the new terrain, we decided to throw a backyard BBQ for Baby Girl’s two-year-old birthday. This would accomplish two things – allow her to get dirty with her friends and prove to my sisters that I’d tackled my backyard...
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