preschool curriculum

The little years

Moms and teachers, here are three websites I wish I’d known about when my kiddos were younger (like in the photo). Using these preschool resources, you can totally teach little ones with delight and depth. The materials are beautifully designed, teach core academic building...
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Like a weaned child

It’s been many years since I nursed my children, but once upon a time it was all I seemed to do. Nursing became functionally easier over time, but remained complicated in other ways, leading me to learn spiritual lessons from the whole endeavor. Emotionally, there’s a...
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story keeping


My summer job is to write a year-long elementary curriculum based on children’s picture books. This spring, I handpicked 28 beautiful and engaging stories from every genre. Now, I’m writing the lesson plans that will guide parents on how to use the books to teach...
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Road Trips with My Kids

I love taking road trips with my kids. Over the years, I’ve done lots of stuff to make car rides easier and more enjoyable. Recently, we had a lot of fun with these ideas. I hope you will, too! 1. Clipboard Games – I downloaded car games, printed them out, and gave each kid...
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One-Time Cheater

In the first grade, I cheated on a spelling test.   I was recently reminded of this ethical lapse when one of my own grade schoolers asked, “Mommy, how do you spell ‘little?’” Ah, my old nemesis — little — the word I didn’t know how...
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Stuff I’m Thinking About: School

by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle About a year ago, my educational philosophy crystallized. I’d been home schooling our six kids for four years. I had tried lots of approaches, but found I wasn’t a purist. I had lots of opinions, but I wasn’t an ideologue.   I...
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January’s Poetry

As the sun fades on the last day of January, the temperature here in Central Florida is finally dipping into the upper 40s. Like many of you, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. January felt more like spring, but my Florida kids and I have continued to suspend disbelief...
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