New Year Advent

And so our Christmas Advent reading and waiting has drawn to a close . . . that is really a beginning. A starting place A new year Looking back on this late December, I am reflecting on the diversity of celebrations I attended: A funeral A wedding A baptism An anniversary All...
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Autumn Poem

Falling by degrees Are the leaves around me. Floating gently to the ground, Yet still not browned.   Yellowed wrinkled fluff, Oh, I’ve not nearly jumped enough!   Raked piles high, Lawn once again lush. But on the next morn’ my efforts are for nigh, As again the yard is...
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outdoors, playing outdoors, outside

Get Outdoors!

October is an almost universally perfect month to be outside. Here in my Central Florida home, the weather has shifted from the humidity and rain of summer to the breezy perfection of autumn. My kids and I plan to be outside as much as possible. In fact, these first few days of...
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sentence starters, conversation starters

Summer Reflections

I snapped this photo last weekend during Daddy Rooster’s and my romantic weekend to Hammock Beach Resort. This Labor Day Monday, I’m relaxing and reflecting, so I decided to finish these sentence starters from a fabulous journal – And the Story Is Happening – I picked...
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Hosanna Waiting

Good Friday. What happened on this day so long ago? Why is this day called good? I ask my children and read descriptions of torture and death unsuitable for young ears, except that by these wounds and by this death they are healed and saved. The purpose transforms the gruesome...
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Ash Wednesday Marriage

by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle On February’s calendar, Ash Wednesday proceeded Valentine’s by one day. Remembering sin’s curse then immediately commemorating love’s delight made for conflicting celebrations, but perhaps more realistic ones.   After...
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