by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

True, my cooking has become lazy. As I’ve already admitted on these pages, I am currently the third best cook in my house. A 12-year-old is beating me, seriously. So before discovering this super easy recipe, I never would have attempted something as labor-intensive as a classic chicken pot pie.


But, there are still places in this country where little old grandmothers make pot pies by hand. The rolling hills of middle Tennessee where my parents live is one such place. So even my mother, who is a very lazy cook, eats homemade pot pies. Of course, she doesn’t make ‘em. She buys them from Miss Barbara, who only charges $9 per pie. At Cousin Camp, the kids were spoiled on Miss Barbara’s flaky crusts filled with fresh pulled chicken and summer garden veggies swimming in creamy yumminess. They savored every bite.

True, made-from-scratch, rolled-out-by-hand pot pies are a thing of beauty and delight, but they take forever to make and require dough-making skills I don’t possess (or care to learn). Since Miss Barbara doesn’t live close by, I’m glad there’s a modern version that I can make and my family enjoys almost as much. Try it yourself this weekend. Here’s the recipe – Stovetop Chicken Pie Recipe. The only modification I make is using mixed veggies, instead of just frozen peas. Quick and delicious!

Bon appetit, y’all!

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