by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

After writing yesterday’s post on the back porch, I went inside to find my 9-year-old twins, Contemplative Twin and Curly-locks, making intricate photo collages.

The connection between what they were creating and what I’d been writing seemed providential. A visual aid for the concepts I was trying to express. Instead of abiding by a daily to-do list, I see each day more like a collage.

Collage making is messy. Magazines and photos everywhere. Paper scraps all over the floor. Glue sticks and scissors lost in the heap. Each artist searching for just the right image to include. Slowly, layer-by-layer, a collage forms as the artist takes bits of this and pieces of that and makes something new. The results, though seemingly chaotic, are actually beautifully synthesized. And you can easily sweep up the mess!


Of course, the twins weren’t thinking about all these details. They just wanted to make a pretty card for a friend in their class. So, they cut out magazine pictures of things she likes and started gluing.

After the first masterpiece, they kept going. Personalizing more and more collages for siblings, teachers, and me.

Everything connected when I remembered a project the older girls did last week for their Leadership Class. The assignment was to make vision boards representing their personal goals.

Looking at the collages Kit-Kat and Jo-Jo created is like gazing into their souls. Each of their strengths is showcased. At 12 and 13, these girls know themselves well. It’s also amazing to see how many of their dreams they are actively working towards right now. Thankfully, I know the terrain of their dreams because I’ve been part of building and encouraging their vision. From the inside out.

So, instead of making a to-do list, why not make a collage? Make art out of your daily schedule or personal goals or beautiful dreams. If you have kiddos, encourage them to make a vision board or a collage of things they love. Create side-by-side and talk as you cut and glue. Who knows what you’ll learn about them. Or about yourself.


Happy collage making in art and in life!

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