After moving to DIY birthday parties for kids, party ideas for kids, Texas two year old birthdayTexas and becoming familiar with the new terrain, we decided to throw a backyard BBQ for Baby Girl’s two-year-old birthday. This

would accomplish two things – allow her to get dirty with her friends and prove to my sisters that I’d tackled my backyard rattlesnake fears.

I also wanted to make as many decorations as I could using recycled materials that were cost effective, but still allowed my creativity to soar. From the start, my DIY party “shopping” was more like hunting. Here are some of my go-to ideas for transforming my backyard and turning Baby Girl into a Prairie Princess for her “Texas Terrific Two” party.

1. Borrow a sewing machine. We all have a crafty friend who wouldn’t mind dusting off one of her extra machines. Download a PDF of the user manual from the Internet and teach yourself how to use the machine. That’s how I made these super fun party banners.

DIY birthday parties for kids, party ideas for kids

2. Use exercise times and garbage days to scavenge. While walking with stroller and toddler, I kept my eye out for free lumber or furniture that people were happy for me to take off their hands and property.

DIY birthday parties for kids, party ideas for kids, Texas3. Window shop favorite boutiques for ideas. We’ve all thought, “I can make that!” You’re right, you can! Don’t buy it! I made the party banners from old jeans and her princess dress from current clothes pieced together. Do-it-yourself projects do take some time, and they won’t be perfect (at least mine weren’t), but a memory will be made.

4. Re-Recycle. Call up a local pregnancy center and ask to help one of their alumni by donating your party decor to lavish on another kiddo. Let your child be involved in blessing someone else’s birthday celebration.

Hosting our first kid party since moving to Austin was so much fun. We felt blessed to be around new friends, even while missing old ones. I know we’ll face some terrible two tantrums this year, but at least we have the wonderful memories of Baby Girl’s “Texas Terrific Two” party to look back on and savor.