by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

It’s still dark outside.
Whirring traffic sounds rush by,
Breaking quiet sleep


Counterpoint, the sky –
Stars light on approaching day,
Eastern orb awakes.


House still quiet now,
Coffee warm, air chills my skin,
As I watch the dawn.


Suddenly the house
Inside stirs. Kids up, eggs cook
Husband leaves to work.


Outside brightens. Stars
Twinkle goes away with day.
Dew drops drip, grass wet.


Pink and golden hues
Illuminate the grey morn
Dark shapes disappear.


Birds begin to call.
Today is now underway
Light has stirred us all.

About the Author
I'm one frizzled momma finding adventure and delight everyday...and writing about it! My chicken coop is full of six chicks, lots of friends, tons of books, and plenty of work. Stick around, I've got loads of stories to share.


  1. Traci says:

    It’s not haiku, but I did venture out on my own while my own chicks did some diamante & cinquain poetry…

    Full, Warm
    Playing, Working, Loving,
    Purpose, God, Others, Growth
    Teaching, Learning, Giving
    Busy, Constant

    1. Ruth says:

      Love your poem, Traci! Thanks for sharing. And I’m glad your home school day was so delight filled! If you want to share any of the kiddos poems, shoot them to me in an email (along with photos of kids or artwork) and I’ll add them to an upcoming poetry post! Lots of love