riding motorcycles, feeling alive, freedomWhat makes you feel alive?  I recently saw on a hand-painted decor piece. I stopped and smiled because I instantly knew my answer – riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle.

I wouldn’t have always answered that way, especially considering the first time I got on the bike with my husband. My body hurt so much from tightly squeezing him every time we rounded corners.

I wasn’t the best passenger on our new mode of transportation, mainly because I wasn’t in control. I’d always wanted to be “that girl” on the back of a Harley, but the truth is I’m a type A personality, who makes lists while preparing for the worst-case scenario. To me, every vehicle on the road was our impending means of death.

It has taken practice to ride our bike together and learning to relax is something I’m still getting used to. But, I’m willing to learn because I want to be my husband’s recreational companion, meaning I want to live his boyhood dream with him.

What makes me feel alive? The freedom of feeling the wind blowing and hearing the Harley engine roar while squeezing my man! These days I squeeze him less out of fear and more from gratitude to be sharing this exuberant experience together.

Which has made me wonder, is it possible we miss this too often? Are opportunities placed in front of us that we don’t explore out of fear and so miss the freedom we could’ve experienced?

What makes you feel alive? Go and do it this summer!