This letter is from a young mom in South Asia who took the Love Does dare. I didn’t think we knew each other, but Aislinn set the record straight (see the comments). This summer, Aislinn was in the United States getting a visa for her firstborn child and contemplating community building. Here’s what she shared about her changed perspective and “Love Does” action plans. – Momma Frizzle


My husband and I both finished the book a few weeks ago. We left one copy at home with my sister, who was reading it still when we returned to Asia.


The two most striking chapters to my husband and me – the ones that we talked to each other about the most – were “The Interviews” and “Ten-Year-Old Adventures.” Both of these chapters centered around showing your children a full, adventurous, selfless, and bold life of action.


We were struck. We want to provide space and resources for our kids to dream big dreams and to have the chance to follow those dreams! We want to teach them truth, goodness, and beauty through words, deeds, and adventures. We want them to have expansive views of the world and the God who holds it in His hand. We want to sacrifice for them in ways that encourage them to sacrifice for others.


Our only child is just 5 months old now, so that gives us lots of time to think about these ideas and work out ways to implement them.


Practically, though, I’ve decided that I need to stop moping around trying to figure out the exact definition of my specific role (I find myself asking silly questions like, what percentage am I a missionary? a stay-at-home mom? a teacher? a wife? a language learner?) and live to its fullest the current, crazy, hodge-podge of a life God has given me.

I’ve taken a few steps towards that goal in the past few days:


1) I stopped waiting for community to happen to me here and went after it myself. We had a couple over for dinner who has never been to our house before. I asked a lady with a young baby to hang out with my baby and me a few days ago. We just walked around a few nearby stores, stopped to get ice cream and coke, and chatted. It felt so easy and right. Tonight, I’m bringing dinner to that friend because her baby is sick.


2) Baby and I went on an adventure by ourselves in the city, and it won’t be the last. It’s so difficult to do anything here with a 3-month-old baby because it’s hot, we take public transportation, there’s no place to feed or change her, and strollers are impractical on these streets and sidewalks.


I was tired of sitting around, though, and knew that I needed to start showing my little girl a love of life and beauty and adventure now. It was hard without her daddy with us, but we took an auto-rickshaw to doctor’s appointments for both of us. Then, we took a bicycle rickshaw to a nearby coffee shop (where she napped and played and I drank coffee and read) and took a bus home. I feel much more prepared for more mama-daughter adventures here!


3) I’m dusting off that always-at-the-back-of-my-mind dream to write by starting my blog THIS week. I won’t chicken out and not actually publish anything. It’s really happening this time.


Thanks for the books and the encouragement!



Epilogue: Aislinn followed through and started writing a blog. Read more about her adventures in motherhood, missionary work, and love “doing” at Not Less Than Everything, which is on Frizzle Chicks blogroll now!

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  1. Ruth says:

    In the original post, I said I had never met Aislinn in person. Apparently, I’m old and senile and WRONG!

    Here’s Aislinn’s sweet correction: “We actually have met, perhaps quite a few times! It was many years ago by now, so I understand your not remembering. In high school, my family attended the same church as you for at least a year. But even when we were attending other churches, my sister and I were a part of the youth group for a few years. One distinct memory of you I have is at a sleepover at Mandy’s house. You shocked us all at the beginning of your devotion, telling us something about having another husband or another man you loved more than your husband or something like that, whom you eventually explained was Jesus. I also remember your sweet kiddos.”

    Wow, I’m so sorry, Aislinn. Those were pretty intense times for me. I need help remembering stuff from those years. Forgive me, please?