by Ruth, aka Momma Frizzle

I wrote this story about Daddy Rooster on January 22, 2010. The day he left to help in Haiti after the earthquake. He is still the best backpack packer I know, whether going to a Third World country or a central Florida campground. He knows what to bring for every contingency.

“Prepared optimism” pretty much sums up Daniel Brown. You should have seen the backpack he put together. Only 31 pounds, but it was packed with everything needed for two weeks of unpredictable circumstances and challenges. Duct tape, toilet paper, Gerber tool, kids’ candy, 18-mile-range radios, high-energy green tea, and head-mounted LED lights — to name a few.


Dan likes to say that he expects the best and prepares for the worst. Skills like these should be very useful in Haiti, especially right now.

On our 2007 trip together to Haiti, Dan insisted that we each carry only a backpack and two duffel bags of supplies. Everything had to fit in those spaces. I didn’t understand the rationale, until we landed in Port-au-Prince and had to hoof it 200 yards through airport chaos to our tap-tap.


Unlike the rest of our team, we were able to physically carry all our gear and move quickly besides. Sprinting next to him that hot June day, I kept repeating, “You were right. I love you. I’ll do whatever you say!”


That was a good day for our marriage!


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