As the sun fades on the last day of January, the temperature here in Central Florida is finally dipping into the upper 40s. Like many of you, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. January felt more like spring, but my Florida kids and I have continued to suspend disbelief and imagine snow and ice, even though we had to settle for paper snowflakes and dewdrops.

We took a lot of photography nature walks, made a lot of projects, and read a lot of poetry. Here, at month’s end, our schoolroom door is piled high with. . . well, winter, snow, and poetry!

Snowflakes form in the most interesting ways,
Only on cold wintery days.

They start out as little crystals.
They come down like little missiles.

Caught with the camera of Snowflake Bentley,
His pictures unlocked an icy mystery –

Branches of six in different design,
Masterpieces of heaven divine.

It was grey out doors.
I heard a black bird chirping.
It made me giggle.

The sun is rising in the sky
I watch as the clouds float by
God whispers to the morning
“It is time to wake and sing!”


A flower grows in the light.
Drink up all the dew,
It is time to bloom.
The drops sparkle in the sun.
Her colors shine bright and young.
She is happy in God’s sight.


Although spring seems just around the bend (as Youngest Twin hopes), there are still perks to living in the Sunshine State in January!

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