by Caddie, a.k.a. Spunky Chick, who is the brave 11-year-old daughter of Sarah and the intrepid niece of Aunt Ruth


One afternoon at a Cherokee Indian reservation my family decided to have a PEACEFUL picnic by a river.


After lunch, my brother and I went to the river and decided to try to walk across its raging waters. After a while, my brother gave up because it was getting too deep and hard. But, I decided that nothing could stop me from getting across the river. Well, nothing did. Although there was a big obstacle coming toward me, and I did not even know it!

When I was almost across the river, I felt my body tipping in a way that no strength could have stopped. As I fell, the river carried me away. I could feel the rocks slipping through my hands. The cold water did not frighten me; it was the panic that did. It all happened so quickly.


I felt I was close to a rocky waterfall and I was. My head stayed underwater for so long. Every time I came to the surface I would scream for help.


But, being in a large family, my dad did not hear me screaming. My mom thought that I was someone else’s child, who’s mother was so irresponsible that she was not watching over HER own kid.


Finally, my foot hit a rock. I was not ready to trust that rock to keep me from falling. Why? Because I had attempted many times, unsuccessfully, to grab on to loose rocks. I decided to trust the pointed stone. I pushed my soaking self above the water and tried to be stronger than the current. With the help of that little rock, I climbed ashore.


After another swim across the river, this time with my dad’s and sister’s help, I once again was on the safe side of the river.


Then, as I was freezing on the park bench, my mom would not let me put on warm clothes because that was part of her threat. She’d told us, “If you get wet, you’re not changing clothes.” I really have strong feelings about that. After my terrifying ordeal, my mother was now letting me freeze to death!


But, she finally gave me a dry pair of clothes and said that I had a great story to tell and should be proud of getting to the other side of the river before my brother, even if it was in a way that neither one of us could have imagined.


I’m thankful to God for helping me get through this ordeal.


Epilogue: When Caddie and her family were visiting America for six months, they had many adventures and near-death experiences. They are now safely back in Portugal, where Caddie is a star student at her Portuguese school. Aunt Ruth sincerely hopes Caddie will continue to share stories on Frizzle Chicks so that the world can share in the drama of her brave and spunky life . . . for as long as it lasts.

About the Author
I'm one frizzled momma finding adventure and delight everyday...and writing about it! My chicken coop is full of six chicks, lots of friends, tons of books, and plenty of work. Stick around, I've got loads of stories to share.


  1. Wanda Schwarz says:

    I too had a drowning experience in the river close to where I grew up. You expressed yourself so well in your story. Proud of your ability to write so well.
    Aunt Wanda

    1. sarah says:

      Aunt Wanda, I would love to meet you sometime. Maybe next time we are in the U.S.A.

      I love you, Carolina.

  2. Hannah says:

    Caddie I love this story, thank you for sharing. I agree with you on the whole wet clothes thing, it sounds like getting wet was completely out of your control.

    1. sarah says:

      Hannah- You know Caddie getting wet is ALWAYS out of her control! I was thinking about you this morning and praying for you sweet sister.

      1. Hannah says:

        I love you, thank you. Although, I recently just got your email, the timing was reassuring. There is so much more to say just haven’t known where to start. It is very meaningful to have your diligent prayers, I feel loved.

    2. sarah says:

      Oh believe me, it is completely out of my control.

  3. Great story! What’s really quite funny is your description about Sarah..your mom! This is exactly how she is. You actually remind me of your mom…she felt the same way about her parents. I hope you write more about your adventures!

    1. sarah says:

      If she did feel the same way about her mom, I think she should of changed the tradition. I love you Uncle David. Carolina