morning walkMy skin is still cool from this morning’s breezy walk, and I feel refreshed in other ways too. Perhaps I’m more appreciative because it’s been several weeks since I got out on the trail behind my house. Today, I resumed the habit and was reminded of at least three reasons why I love walking.

1. Observing the activity of nature. The morning sky in Florida is glorious. The birds chirp with mad delight. Flocks fly overhead. This morning, I actually heard each wing flap as three vultures flew to the lake. There are prettier birds too, such as egrets and osprey, gliding right above my head. Flowers bloom along the ponds and in the trees. The October breeze jostles branches into dancing.

2. Greeting my neighbors. Saying good morning to those I pass on the path is an opportunity to spread good will. To give a morning blessing. The fact that most responses are in accents from far away places fills me with delight. I like that people from all over the world are my neighbors, and we are taking a walk together. Plus, most of my fellow walkers are older than me, which means this form of exercise can endure into old age.

3. Rejuvenating my mind. I do my best thinking and strategizing on my morning walks. I’m wondering if the cloudiness in my head lately is because I haven’t walked as much. I’ve missed the clarity that comes from meditative morning exercise.

This day is already full before it starts, but I’m better prepared thanks to this morning’s walk.

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