by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

Horrifying admission: I need reading glasses. A couple mornings ago, I literally could not get my eyes to focus on the teeny, tiny words in my Bible.


This is horrifying, but not because I hate glasses. My lover (read: husband) and our youngest child have worn glasses practically their whole lives. I love glasses on them. In fact, I love glasses on everybody besides ME.


I’m horrified because this is yet another clue that I’m getting old. Old-lady eyes that need glasses to go along with old-lady pudginess that needs losing and old-lady greying that needs dyeing. Ugh! I’m still young enough to care.


Horrifyingly, it looks like I’ve got to make three appointments next week – eye doctor, hair stylist, and personal trainer. It would be so convenient (and less horrifying) for old ladies like me if there was a one-stop Frizzled Chicks Beauty Care Center. Hmm . . . now there’s an entrepreneurial idea somebody should really jump all over!

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