Today, I’ve done precious little of what I should have. In these brief moments, while my house is quiet because all six children are off playing with friends, I’m reflecting back on this week. It’s been full of teaching, empowering, listening, studying, shepherding, and driving all over Kingdom Come, without the presence and daily support of Daddy Rooster, who’s on a business trip.

No wonder I was weary and wanted to take things at a slower pace today. My mother says the older she gets, the more she listens to her body. Today, mine said, “Slow and quiet.” I set out to obey.

The morning started with a leisurely Skype session with my sister Sarah in Portugal, while enjoying strong coffee and a blueberry scone my neighbor Vanessa brought over. Next, there were brief morning lessons in math, language arts, and reading with the four younger children, while the older girls took a 12-mile bike ride. Then, while two children finished baking goodies for their neighborhood lemonade stand and the other kids washed our cars, I took a nap on the back porch. Waking from such an uncharacteristic indulgence, I was tempted to feel wasteful, until I looked at this week’s photos on my iPhone.


Nope, I was wrong. I’ve done exactly what I was supposed to.

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