by Ruth, a.k.a. Momma Frizzle

Our house sits on the edge of Lake Apopka in Central Florida. All types of birds call this shoreline home.


Directly across the pond behind our house is the skeleton of a huge oak tree. Its bleached, bare limbs hang with moss. Raptors love to perch up there. From that vantage, they can track fish in three bodies of water. Ospreys are the most common, but eagles are also frequent.


Sitting on my back porch, I watch their gliding flight and hear their calls. I see their aerial dives and the rewards of their hunt. No matter how many times eagles pass overhead, I am amazed and thankful to live under their wings.


This morning as weariness slides off my spirit – aided by warm coffee, cool breezes and a slow start to the day – an eagle laden with its breakfast flies over my head. The sight sparks something, and I turn to an ancient poem, finding the reminder my spirit needed in order to fully wake up.


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